IMPORTANT: Responsibility for condominium licensing education has transferred from ACMO to the CMRAO. This program is no longer offered by Mohawk College. For more information on the new CMRAO program, visit CMRAO. For more information on ACMO and benefits of membership as well as information regarding RCM certification visit ACMO.  

Program Description

ACMOCondominium management is a growth industry throughout the province of Ontario. This program has been developed specifically for both individuals who are new and who are currently working in the condominium field.

You will learn how to effectively deal with people and buildings and develop optimal administrative skills. Both theory and practical problems are incorporated into all courses within this program, providing opportunities for participants to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities in managing effective condominiums.

Study the physical, financial, human relations and legal aspects of residential condominium management. Theory and examples of day-to-day problems and practices are blended so that you can apply what you learn.

Faculty are drawn from senior Industry members (RCMs) and other experienced industry professionals.

Additional Details

Admission and Registration

You do not need to apply to begin this program. Simply ensure you meet the requirements listed on the Admission Requirements webpage prior to registering.

Interested in taking a single course? Provided you have the appropriate prerequisites, the courses in this program can be taken individually.

Registration Recommendation

We highly recommended that you evaluate your current time commitments before registering for courses. Due to the time required to be successful in each of the courses, registration for more than one course per semester, especially for working professionals, is not recommended. Refunds will NOT be provided after the published refund date due to inability to complete the courses in the allotted time.

Financial Assistance

green checkmark Bursary funding may be available. Learn more about Financial Assistance Options for Continuing Education Students.


Career Opportunities

  • Residential Condominium Property Management

For details on related occupations, job market information and career opportunities, visit the Government of Canada Job Bank (opens in new window).

Next Steps

Additional Information

Licensing Information

Effective November 1, 2017, as per the Condominium Management Services Act, all condominium managers and providers of condominium management services in Ontario are required to be licensed. At the same time, the Minister of Government and Consumer Services designated the four courses in this program (developed by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario) as the educational requirement necessary to qualify for a General Licence.  

Students enrolled in the ACMO courses must achieve a minimum grade of 60% in each course, and also achieve a passing grade of 51% on the final exam. Students who are not successful in meeting these requirements will be required to register and pay for taking the course again. Completion of the four courses is a prerequisite to write the Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) examination. The RCM is a voluntary designation of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO). For more information on the RCM and ACMO, visit the ACMO website (opens in new window).

ACMO Challenge Exams

Challenge Exams are available as listed below. Click on the course numbers for details:

  • LAWS10223 - ACMO Challenge Exam - Condominium Law
  • MGMT10181 - ACMO Challenge Exam - Physical Building Management
  • FINC10058 - ACMO Challenge Exam - Financial Planning
  • MGMT10182 - ACMO Challenge Exam - Condominium Administration & Human Relations

ACMO Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) Certification Exam

Visit MGMT10183 - ACMO Registered Condominium Manager Certification Exam for more information.

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Completion Requirement

5 Course(s)

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This program of studies applies to students starting the program in the current academic year. Students who began in other academic years may require different courses to be eligible to graduate. If you have questions regarding a strategy for completion email the Program Contact listed at the bottom of this page.

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A selection of courses will be offered each term. Visit our course schedule page for a tentative list of future offerings.

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