Program Description

Whether you need documentation to show your competence with computers or you want to be able to use your home computer more effectively, this program offers courses to meet the needs of today's computer users.

A variety of courses are offered in class and online, providing the opportunity to combine traditional classroom learning with self-paced study. In class offerings take place in computer labs, providing a hands-on experience with the various software products.

Learning materials offer numerous exercises from beginner to advanced levels.

Additional Details

Admission and Registration

You do not need to apply to begin this program. Simply ensure you meet the requirements listed on the Admission Requirements webpage prior to registering.

If you are unfamiliar with computers the following courses are recommended: Workshop for Windows (INFOBW001), Keyboarding - Beginners (KEYBSEZ30).

Interested in taking a single course? Provided you have the appropriate prerequisites, the courses in this program can be taken individually.

Financial Assistance

green checkmark Bursary funding may be available. Learn more about Financial Assistance Options for Continuing Education Students.

Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes outline what graduates need to know, and be able to do, after they complete a program.

  • Analyze, evaluate, and apply relevant information from a variety of sources.
  • Apply a systematic approach to solve problems.
  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and correctly in the written spoken and visual form that fulfills the purpose and meets the needs of the audience.
  • Locate, select, organize and document information using appropriate technology and information systems.
  • Manage the use of time and other resources to complete projects.
  • Respond to written, spoken or visual messages in a manner that ensures effective communication.
  • Show respect for the diverse opinions, values, belief systems and contributions of others.
  • Take responsibilities for one's own actions, decisions and consequences.
  • Use a variety of thinking skills to anticipate and solve problems.


Career Opportunities

Many careers require a strong working knowledge of a number of software programs. Enhance your understanding of computers and learn how to use business software applications.

Given that computers are found in all areas of industry, it would be a challenge to find any business environment that did not require some knowledge of computers. Upon program completion graduates can explore a variety of office-based careers.

For more details on related occupations, job market information and career opportunities, visit the Government of Canada Job Bank (opens in new window).

Next Steps

Additional Information

Software Requirements

Unless specified otherwise, software is your responsibility and is not included in course fees.

  • Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) - Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 or 12
  • Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, Word) - The Microsoft Office suite is available as a free download to Mohawk College students
  • Windows 7

There are computers available at Mohawk College that you may use to complete your course work and assignments.

Instructors provide assistance with course content but cannot provide any internet technical support. Your internet service provider is responsible for such support.

Required Materials

You will need to buy a textbook from the Mohawk College bookstore for each course. A USB drive is also required for saving classroom work.

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Completion Requirement

7 Course(s)

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This program of studies applies to students starting the program in the current academic year. Students who began in other academic years may require different courses to be eligible to graduate. If you have questions regarding a strategy for completion email the Program Contact listed at the bottom of this page.

Click on the course names to view current availability.

A selection of courses will be offered each term. Visit our course schedule page for a tentative list of future offerings.

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