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Describe the human growth process from conception to death in terms of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual functioning and examine the various theories of human development. Explain the nature-nurture debate, identify behaviour patterns that are abnormal for a particular developmental stage, and apply theoretical perspectives to explain "normal" and "abnormal" behaviour patterns throughout the human lifespan. Identify and describe positive environmental factors that can promote growth throughout the lifespan.

General Education Elective: Prior to selecting this course as a General Education Elective, you must review the list of restricted courses by program to verify that the course can be applied to your program. Upon successful completion, you must apply for an exemption to have the credit recognized as a general education elective on your record. These are represented as an “E” on your transcript and are not calculated as part of your overall GPA. Visit the General Education Electives webpage for more information.




Psychology 2 (PSYCSS144) OR Psychology Of Development (PSYCSS283) OR Developmental Issues In Childhood and Adolescence (PSYC10004) OR Child Development & Behaviour 1 (EDUCEC121)

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Developmental Psychology
Mar 01, 2024 to Jun 07, 2024
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Domestic Student non-credit $406.51
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3 credits
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Mar 08, 2024
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Mar 16, 2024
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Mar 08, 2024 to May 28, 2024
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